Horizon Air purifier

HORIZON AIR is a line of air purifiers that combine state-ofthe-art electrostatic and mechanical filtration systems. Capable of filtering a greater volume of air almost silently and with low energy consumption.

Equipped with HEPA13 (High Efficiency Particulate Air), active carbon, ionizer and UV light. These equipments are able to reduce air pollution by 99,97 %, eliminating particles up to 1 μm such as bacteria, virus, fungi, mites, pollen, dust particles or volatile organic compounds (VOC)

HORIZON AIR devices are armed with a PC2.5 particle sensor capable of analysing the air quality on the spot and thus being able to self-adjust the cleaning parameters for a more efficient and effective sanitation.


The smallest of the HORIZON, family, but by no means less powerful.

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The brand’s medium range equipment, with a minimalist design, will adapt to any space in our home or business.

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The most powerful equipment of the collection able to maintain clean an area of up to 100 m² thanks to its double filtration system.

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HAC-50 Air Quality Monitor

Having the information about the air we breathe is vital for agood quality of life of our family, employees, workers...


A large part of the world’s population lives exposed to high levels of environmental pollution that cause more than 7 million premature deaths according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The increasing traffic in our cities and the nearby industries are largely responsible for the poor air we breathe on the streets.

But all this pollution has an even worse effect on the air quality of our homes, workplaces, restaurants... Polluting agents such as dust, pollen, viruses, moulds or bacteria enter our respiratory system on a daily basis and are tremendously harmful to our health and that of our families. Our purpose is to bring clean air to everyone with HORIZON AIR. Because it’s proven that breathing clean air helps maintain a healthy, long and happy life.

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