HAC-50 Air quality monitor

Having the information about the air we breathe is vital for a good quality of life of our family, employees, workers...

HAC-50 is a monitor that performs constant readings of the environment, in order to know the moments when it is necessary to apply sanitizing treatments.

HAC-50, it is very easy to use and very clear in its data. It has a backlit LCD screen of 4’3” and great autonomy.

In an easy way, we will be able to control the index of:

  • CO²: Carbon dioxide concentration.
  • HCHO: Index of chemical agents in our environment.
  • TVOC: Measures of organic particles in the air.
  • AQI (Air Quality Index): Green (Good), Yellow (Normal), Orange (Bad) or purple (Very Bad).

In addition to other important parameters such as temperature, ambient humidity, date and time, etc.

Air quality monitor


The HORIZON AIR air purifiers assure a proper air cleaning by eliminating the 99,97 % of the environmental contamination thanks to the combination of different air filtration and sanitation technologies and, especially, due to the highly effective UPFF filter.

Removes the larger particles from the air, dust, pollen, particles visible to the naked eye.

Antiallergic filter:
Holds allergens, dust and pollen (HA-700).

Activated carbon filter:
Destroys chemical pollutants and bad odours.

UPFF Filter (Ultrafine Particle Free Filter):
all type of particles up to 1 micron maximum.

Ultraviolet led:Sanitizes the air by eliminating bacteria, viruses, moulds and other type of noxious particles (HA-700 y HELLO).

Ions generator:
Groups air pollutants so that these precipitate to the floor and in this way, it allows that filtering and sanitizing become much easier.

Ozone generator:
Sanitizes the air through the elimination of bacteria, viruses, moulds, and other types of harmful particles (HELLO

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